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Why should I donate to Gamers-Desire?

Gamers-Desire is not only hosting everyones favorite ESF and NNK resource websites but is also currently housing the and a bunch of other nifty things.


Possible reasons why you should donate


  • Traffic doesn't grow on trees. Running a website of this magnitude is expensive and unfortunately someone has to pay the bills after all.

  • To show your appreciation for all the countless hours spent on making this all happen to the developers.

  • To finally have a reason to spend that last few dollars you have in your PayPal account.

  • Anything above the amount of money required to keep the server running could possibly be used to hold contests and give away prices to the community.

  • To make us happy :3

So please don't be greedy and support us!

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Serving the community with currently 811 downloads in 106 categories. To date, these have been downloaded 347849 times.

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