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NNK R1 is?

NNK Milestone update #7
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Naruto: Naiteki Kensei R1

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Earth's Special Forces

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NNK Milestone update #7


NNK has finally reached a stage worthy of sharing with our public. We are stronger than ever with the arrival of Tenken. Through his dedication to the project, we're able to make incredible strides towards future releases!


Chapter 7: What's left for NNK


The team is working diligently to clear out as many bugs as possible, and it's in no small part thanks to many individuals who have helped us in finding them!

Though there have been many key people in the development of the project who have been here since the beginning and are still going strong. We would like to take the time to recognize the members who have always stood by NNK with continuous, active progress since our humble beginnings:

  • Super Vegetto has worked day in and day out for NNK, doing everything from textures, animation, modeling, skinning, bug tracking, and countless other contributions. It can be said he completed at least 70% of our content, and has without doubt worked the longest and hardest out of everyone who contributed to our project.
  • Ryokeen has been NNK's coder since the very beginning. He was able to implement awesome features for NNK, some never before done on the Half Life engine, such as facial expressions, per pixel shading, cell shading, motion blur, and so much more.
  • DJ-Ready has done a lot to raise the bar with the level design. As well as providing custom content hosting for both Earth's Special Forces and Naruto Naiteki Kensei. Together with SV, they were able to create some incredible levels never though to be done on the Half Life engine. Through the help with Raven, ESF's coder, and Ryokeen, a new style of mapping has been able to exponentially improve the quality of maps.
  • Kama has done much with providing skins for models and map textures, as well as providing much PR service for NNK. He always brought in a level-headed, fun feeling to the project. Much of our update texts were completed by him, and it definitely made them a lot more enjoyable to read!
  • Kong has been the very first initiator of NNK, bringing together the many talents from the ESF community to bring to life this awesome project. Keeping things organized, together, and moving together has been a key feature to keeping this project afloat.
  • Tenken has kept NNK from the brink of death. Though recently joining, the 10-20 hours a day non-stop coding for NNK cannot be left unnoticed!

There are many awesome team members who have played key factors in bringing NNK to life during points of development!

  • Darktooth - Pumped out countless awesome animations
  • Eclipse - Sculpted character models and map props
  • Enix - Created some very high quality player models and props
  • Fil - Created some complicated features and programmed much for NNK
  • GlassShine - Initially spent hours on end, giving us awesome jumps in coding progress
  • God Gundam - Helped us rigged a few characters, modeling, as well as some awesome animations
  • Lord Killmore - The very first set of animations for NNK
  • Phobius - NNK's website provider, payed for the hosting of the project since the beginning
  • Raven - Helped much with our coders in bug fixing and feature implementation
  • Roach - Shaped levels to fight in
  • Sven da Man - Provided a few of our character models
  • TimN - Awesome skills on providing over 10 custom made tracks for NNK
  • Tom - Gave us leaps in code development
  • Tryforce - Made many map props, as well as doing some side skin jobs

Also we would like to recognize a few others who have done some work for NNK.

  • Brad - Squished many bugs that plagued our build
  • Compwhiz797 - Exploding tags and Kawarimi jutsu
  • Crono5788 - Very early attempt at melee that didn't fit with our game play
  • Damaera - Helped a bit with animations
  • Davidhalo - Provided some early help with the project
  • Davidskiwan - Provided a few animations
  • Keiha - Helped a bit with animations
  • Nightz - Very early dashing system, later was recoded
  • Navanax - Very early Kage Bunshin system, later was recoded
  • Sandstorm - Did our first shurikens, later recoded
  • Skizer - Provided some help with the website
  • SSJason - Very early targeting system, later was recoded

Also, for those creating custom content to gain access to NNK early, you have until January 3, 2010 to submit your completed work! Any late submissions will not be given access to NNK early!

Please send a Private Message to Kama with the file zipped up before January 3, 2010!




Here are a few websites you can use to upload the file.

Oh, by the way. Make sure to check the NNK main page!

And remember, Vote for NNK in the MOTY 2009 awards! The more votes from registered users we have, the more likely you may play!

- NNK Team




So thats what the NNK Team has to say this Christmas weekend. If you did check the NNK main page, you must've noticed the countdown already! Only 15 days left until it runs out ... I wonder whats going to happen then ;)

- GD


+1 #1 Yoshi 2010-01-01 06:20 whata hell!? o,o this game will be released after 40 DAYS?!
#2 Dragonias 2010-01-02 20:32 Quoting Yoshi:
whata hell!? o,o this game will be released after 40 DAYS?!

dude it was longer then 40 days a year or longer
#3 Lightishere 2010-01-05 23:58 Indeed.

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