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NNK R1 is?

NNK R1 Officially Released!
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Naruto: Naiteki Kensei R1

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NNK R1 Officially Released!


We've done it! NNK has been officially released to the public! We're very pleased and we can't wait to see see you guys in-game! Download Links can be found at the bottom of this post!



The Release Party was a huge success! We had even more listeners than our appearance on Podcast 17! We'd like to thank everyone who joined us in IRC and those who listened in on our Shoutcast! If you missed the Release Party and want to catch up on what happened JoeJustJoe was kind enough to keep notes which you can read here. Much thanks Joe!

If you're new to NNK, which all of you are, there is a great Tutorial Mode that teaches you all you need to know to prepare for battle! Simply click create server, set the map to nnk_academy, and change the game mode to tutorial. This will guide you through the basics of controlling your ninja and is highly recommended.

As with any new game, there is bound to be a few issues that we didn't catch. One of the issues you may run into is having your character stuck at times. If you find yourself in a situation like this, press the B key or open your console with the ~ key and type in unstuck. This will move your character away from potential sticky situations. We're going to work on getting you guys a patch as soon as possible. In the mean time if you run into any trouble please post in our Help Forum to find ways to resolve your issue.



Download it right here!

See you in the servers!




#1 Bestial123 2010-02-17 01:35 Sall daca ai cineva roman pe aicia varog frumos raspundeti si sa ami zica si mie
cineva sant un mare fac de naruto foarte mare id meu hellsoft_cs varog frumos

luati acest id daca santeti careva roman si varog zicetimi cum fac varog frumos

cum pot face sa ma conectez sau sa pot intra an joc ? varog luati id de mai sus varog frumos ajutatima

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