blip NNK Tutorials

blip 21 January 2010

Added a tutorial section for NNK-World

blip Website fixes

blip 20 January 2010

Hopefully fixed some things on the website such as critical memory error and upload filesize limitations for files

blip Browser fixes

blip 07 January 2010

Working on a bunch of browser specific fixes for those who don't use Firefox. Though Firefox is recommended to browse the website.
Also, late happy new year everyone. :)

blip Merry Christmas

blip 25 December 2009

The Gamers-Desire team wishes everyone a merry christmas!

blip Quick Update box added

blip 24 December 2009

This quick update box has just been added to the website. All the small and minor changes to the website will be found here. Also short news that are just not worth to be placed on the front page.

blip PayPal donation button added to the website!

blip 24 December 2009

A small Paypal button has been added to the website. Go show your support and donate so we can keep the site up and running!

blip Certain download categories available to members only

blip 22 December 2009

A few categories in our download database have been changed so that only registered members can download files. At least take some time and register if you want to download from our site. Traffic can be expensive.